September 9, 2012

RUMOR: Rebooted Batman And Lobo To Be Featured In JUSTICE LEAGUE?

CBM is reporting that Warner Bros. is currently bouncing around the idea of bringing in Lobo into the the Justice League film. While nothing is confirmed Dwayne Johnson has been closely in talks with director Brad Peyton and producer Joel Silver for the solo movie. It's unknown if they'd have Lobo join the team or end up a villain.

On another note there are rumblings we won't have to wait long to see the rebooted Batman. BatmanOnFilm says that WB is looking to first introduce this new take on Batman in the Justice League film and then a new franchise.

"Said [Batman] reboot will come after the JL film, not before. Therefore, the new cinematic Batman will be introduced in the JL film as opposed to a solo film. This would, according to my industry "FOBOF," assure the new Batman film series will be part of a "DC Cinematic Universe."

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