September 9, 2012


Rumors of Marvel introducing audiences to Dr. Stephen Strange in Thor: The Dark World have been coming from a couple of different sources. Not to mention Orb of Agamotto showing up in Odin's vault has seemingly given enough evidence to believe this might be happening. The orb is scrying crystal ball used by Doctor Strange for clairvoyance. It has been known to open gateways between dimensions. It seems like an excellent way to raise the awareness of the character before moving forward with his solo adventure. Another reason why Guardians of The Galaxy was chosen over Strange and Black Panther. Considering that the Strange film also has a script completed and had been going out to directors last November. A couple of names that have been linked to play Strange include Johnny Depp and out of the running Aussie actor Joel Edgerton (Warrior, Zero Dark Thirty).  I've put together a decent enough list of candidates that Marvel should at least consider.

JOHNNY DEPP: Depp has long been linked for the movie along with Guillermo del Toro as it's director. He has the fifth Pirates of The Caribbean film in development and a possible sequel to The Lone Ranger. It could be an easy payday for the actor but it wouldn't make sense to see Depp in the role as he might steal Thor's thunder.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: Ben has been long rumored to be in talks with Marvel Studios for a role. That has been mentioned more than once and has since led him to visit the offices while promoting  Sherlock. A few things might hold him back from taking the gig which includes the third Sherlock series, work on The Hobbit/Stark Trek Into The Darkness and commitments to the George Smiley (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) sequels.

KARL URBAN: Best known for supporting roles in The Lord of The Rings and Stark Trek franchises. He's also taken on action roles in Bourne Supremecy and more recently with Dredd. The Kiwi actor seems like a perfect match if they're going to make the series more of an adventure thriller. While there have been positive reviews for Dredd, Karl hasn't found a franchise he could end up holding up himself. The only thing that could stop him is commitments to Star Trek 3 and a Dredd sequel.

KIT HARINGTON: If it does turn out to be true that Strange will be working alongside Jane Foster it could be interesting to see him develop a love interest with Darcy (Kat Dennings) during The Dark World. Kit Harington seems perfect if Marvel is aiming for a younger take on the character. He has a history with director Alan Taylor working with him on Game of Thrones. The only issue here is his commitments to the series and his other films' promotional tours. Marvel could have their next Chris Evans/Chris Hemsworth if they ended up going someone like Kit.

VIGGO MORTENSEN: It's rumored currently that Marvel is in talks with Viggo Mortensen (Lord of The Rings, History of Violence, Eastern Promises) for a Phase Two film. ScreenRant has already speculated it could be Dr. Strange for Thor: The Dark World. If this is true it would a triumphant casting choice since Viggo could be as big as landing Hugo Weaving, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. previously. Not to mention he has been turning down blockbusters left and right lately (Man of Steel, SWATH, Dark Tower), so wrangling him would be quite the feat. Mortensen is an actor who chooses projects based on their director. If they're able to actually sign-on Guillermo del Toro (was attached to direct at one point) or another high-profiled director, it could be enough to get him to sign on.

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