November 21, 2010

RUMOR: Snyder Wants Matthew Goode For Superman?

MovieNewz reports that Zack Snyder is keen to reunite with Matthew Goode for Superman. The site is new to me so don't count on this being true but it's interesting none the less. Could American audiences root for a British Superman? Considering Batman is Welsh, Green Lantern is Canadian and Spidey is now also a Brit I doubt anyone will care in the end if the film is good.

Matthew Goode is a superb actor but he hasn't had many strong leading roles. He's mostly been a supporting player in films like Watchmen, The Look Out and Match Point. Yet he was the best part of the generic rom-com Leap Year so there is hope he could bring a variety of different acting skills to the hero. While Goode is a decent choice I can't help but think Armie Hammer could do the role justice too.

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