November 27, 2010

EDITORIAL: Joseph Gordon Levitt Should Be Superman

 The GeekFiles just reported that neither Warner Bros. or Zack Snyder have started casting for Superman: Man of Steel. It's annoying for me since I feel like if credible sites are reporting tips I should be posting them for my readers. Instead of posting some new rumor I'd like to give my full support to see Joseph Gordon Levitt play the new Clark Kent. Let's just hope those involved with the production hear this plea.

 While he isn't the hulking actor that most have been mentioning I think that's really the point. I don't think we really need to repeat the same type of actors like Christopher Revees and Brandon Routh. To officially break themselves from the Richard Donner mold I believe they need to focus on strong acting abilities rather than appearance. The new Superman needs to be charming, out spoken and believable to command confidence in the franchise. While I'm not too focused on the actor's background being American couldn't hurt. We keep hearing the film will center around the early days of Superman so a younger actor is expected. They would also need someone with enough popularity and following too help sell their new concept for the hero. I believe Joseph meets all these criteria to be the best choice for the role.

  I think the best evidence is with his roles. In 500 Days of Summer he showed off many qualities we've come to relate to Clark Kent. Like Bruce Wayne the character has a double life with two personalities the hero and average guy. While Superman's powers are his own because of his alien nature he still needs to give himself an alter ego. I feel that Joseph is capable of playing the duo role of Kent and Superman. Where as previous actors have had issues balancing the two. We've seen JGL play the hero and good guy balance very well in films like The Lookout, Brick and more recently with Inception. 

  I consider myself a loyal fan to the work of both directors Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Yet neither hire their actors based on popularity or the fact the online community campaign for them. Well the one thing they do is hire people they've worked with previously. Luckily Joseph has worked with now producer Christopher Nolan on Inception which could greatly help his chances.

  While I do think we could see Snyder regulars like Abbie Cornish and Carla Gugino cast in roles. Matthew Goode who is rumored for the role strikes me as someone that makes a better villain than hero. Whoever that villain will be since Zod has been ruled out. Let's just hope they don't recycle Lex Luthor once again.

So I've made my argument of why I'd like to see JGL play Superman. It won't be too long before actual casting announcements will start rolling out with the film expected to shoot this summer.

What do you think of Joseph Gordon Levitt playing Superman?? Is there someone else you'd rather see in the role?? Please Leave Your Comments!!

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