November 14, 2010

Carl Rinsch Ditches Logan's Run For 47 Ronin, Coming 2012

HeatVision reports director Carl Rinsch has dropped the Logan's Run for 47 Ronin which will star Keanu Reeves. Universal is now eager to bring 47 Ronin into production and has set it's relese dte for November 21st 2012. The movie is based on the Japanese tale of the legendary 47 Ronin who seek revenge after the death of their master. Many of the Ronin give their lives in the process. Reeves will play one of 47 disgraced samurai. Described as stylized version of the story. Incorporating elements from "Lord of The Rings" with gritty violence like what was seen in "Gladiator". Set in Japan during the winter of 1702, the film has epic written all over it.

Rinsch had been lined up to direct the Alien prequels for Fox with Ridley Scott's blessing before the studio changed their mind and asked Ridley to return. He's best known for his commercial work but a made splash with his short film The Gift. This is the fourth director to jump ship from Logan's Run previously Bryan Singer, Robert Schwentke (Red) and Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy) had been attached.

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