November 20, 2010

CAST 'EM!: Darren Aronofsky's The Wolverine

 Darren Aronofsky was finally announced as the director of The Wolverine this week. The film based on the Japanese saga from Frank Miller and Chris Claremont has been adapted by screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie. Just a couple of days ago Darren confirmed that he would be casting Japanese actors in the film. Notice he's not hiring Asian-American actors to blanket the roles. There is speculation that the film will even involve subtitles with Japanese spoken which is beyond ballsy for Fox to allow. Since this film will have zero links to other X-Men and will be entirely set in Japan. I've come up with my list of Japanese actors I'd like to see cast in roles. I'm using the character information from both the comics and the character list that leaked.
Hiroyuki Sanada as Kenuichio/Silver Samurai

Chiaki Kuriyama as Yuriko

 Takeshi Kitano as Shingen

Rinko Kikuchi as Mariko

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