October 8, 2008

The Matarese Circle

Based on the novel by Robert Ludlum who wrote the Bourne series. Acclaimed director David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises) is in talks to helm the project with Denzel Washington starring. Recently Cronenberg's films have been getting better and better, mostly because of their realistic stories and themes.

"Set during the Cold War, the novel follows two rival spies—one U.S./CIA, the other a Soviet/KGB—who team to uncover and defeat a ruthless Illuminati-like organization called the Matarese that’s behind a century-old conspiracy to crush world governments."

Casting Rumor: While nothing is official yet Viggo Mortensen recently told reporters that he is looking to work with Cronenberg on a third feature. Considering the role is KGB, it wouldn't be hard to see Viggo playing it after Eastern Promises.

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