October 22, 2008

James Cameron's Battle Angel

Battle Angel (2009 or 2010)

MarketSaw.com has been the biggest compiler of everything James Cameron. Now they have some interesting news on Battle Angel, the next James Cameron project. They've revealed that Battle Angel is in the pre-production stage with artists working on concepts, which means they have a script to be working off of. The adaptation of the famous Manga that become an Anime is now being developed by Cameron into a 3-D animated feature. It was rumored that the characters would be shot in live-action then the world and other androids would be computer generated using the similar techniques from Avatar. Now that Cameron has learned how to do this with trial and error with Avatar the process won't take as long this time around. I would guess that post-production will still take a long time but the turn around will take less time. Cameron was working on the script while shooting and post-production of Avatar, so the project could be further along than thought.

If Cameron ends up using real actors I could picture Ellen Page (Candy, Juno) and Nicki Clyne (Battlestar Galactica) as Gally/Alita. Page would be more likely for the role considering she has a well known name while Clyne is more of a fanboy favorite because of her work with Battlestar. I'm not someone who believes in casting from the world of science fiction television shows but she does have qualities needed. Also she's not involved with the television show anymore which could help her chances since she would need to give a year to the project. I could see William Dafoe as Daisuke Ido the sciencist/bounty hunter who repairs Gally.

Here are a few concept designs from Mark Goerner (X2, Minority Report), James Cylne (A.I., Transformers) and Feng Zhu who are working on the film. These images are from their websites and is not actual Battle Angel artwork. You can see why they were hired the level of detail is really amazing."a broken cyborg found in a dump by Ido a scienctist, is rebuilt with amazing strength and is named Gally/Alita. Later she becomes a bounty hunter and has to battle many advanced cyborgs."

-Mark Goerner

-James Clyne

-Feng Zhu

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