October 31, 2008

Forbidden Planet (remake)

Warner Brothers and producer Joel Silver are developing an updated remake of the classic science fiction film. This sounds a lot more promising than "The Day The Earth Stood Still". I just hope they do a better casting job on this one. They've hired J. Michael Straczynski who wrote for Babylon 5 and recently the script for Ninja Assassin. James Cameron was a director who was attached at one time. Depending on the progress of Battle Angel and if he decides to helm Fathom , Cameron could jump on the project. That's unless Joel Silver has a director already in mind. The film influenced a majority of science fiction properties which include Star Trek and the Alien series. Also many other numerous television shows and films.

"a group of Earth scientists who are sent some 17 light years away to investigate what happened to a colony of settlers on Altair-4. They find a man with a secret and his daughter who somehow survived a hideous monster attack on their planet."

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