October 1, 2008


Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom) will be directing a Hercules movie. It's based on the "Thracian Wars" series of Hercules comics, which are considered very dark and gritty. It's being compared to 300, like all these new sword action flicks. There are also plans to make it more realistic removing mythical creatures and 100 year voyages. Growing up with both the campy cartoon and the great television series, I loved the character. Changing Hercules to have him fit into reality might work with this new 300 trend, yet I think might be only happening because the budget might be very low. Special effects my be hindered because of Berg's involvement. After watching Berg's Kingdom all I can come up with is that this man didn't get enough money to make this bigger. There were pretty much only two action scenes in the whole movie. It might be better to get a bigger named director so that the film could get proper funding. I was appalled when his name came up for a Dune remake. The man hasn't directed enough films to be tackling possible blockbusters.

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