September 18, 2014

Max Borenstein Returns To Write GODZILLA Sequel For Legendary Pictures

Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures has made a deal for screenwriter Max Borenstein (Seventh Son) to pen the Godzilla sequel. Borenstein was one of many writers on the original film, and recently wrote the studio's King Kong origin film Skull Island. Max will have plenty of time to put the script together, since director Gareth Edwards will go-off to make an untitled Star Wars film first. The release date for the sequel will be June 8th, 2018.

We've heard teases that better known kaiju could be showing-up in the next film. This was confirmed at Comic-Con, where Legendary Pictures showed concept footage that teased Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah.

A set of female twins were teased in film and in promo footage/trailer. Monarch's name might have direct connections to him as well.  Perhaps, the fellow good-guy kaiju might have inspired the organization. Wouldn't hurt to see Godzilla team-up for some good 'old city rumbles.


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