September 23, 2014

If Offered, Idris Elba Would "Absolutely" Take The BOND Role!

Looks like British actor Idris Elba is confirming his desire to pick-up where Daniel Craig leaves-off, when Craig exits the Bond franchise after Bond 25. During his Reddit interview he answered a couple of questions, and the the subject of James Bond came-up. He mentions that he would "absolutely" take the role if offered. We've been hearing for ages that Elba is a fan favorite for the role, along with Michael Fassbender and others.

I'm sure producers are already considering what to do with Bond 26. As months (maybe even years) of planning would be needed to make sure it's a strong first entry into a new era. Bond 26 is years away from now, but with Elba being this vocal and his latest starring vehicle debuting #1 in North America, he seems like a strong contender for the role. We've come to expect the producers of the franchise to be progressive and think outside the box. Elba has all the charm needed for the role, not to mention lengthly action career filled with awards worthy performances along the way as well.

We know that Elba is desperately looking for the right franchise. Marvel met with him about Blade, Luke Cage and Black Panther. Elba confirmed in the Reddit posts, that Marvel has hired someone else for the Cage role. It's also unlikely with him possible return for Thor 3, that Marvel Studios would cast him other roles. There's still a bit of hope that Idris could land a role with the DCU, the roles are quickly getting gobbled-up by other actors.


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