March 7, 2011

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger End Up Playing Sgt. Rock?

AICN has picked up on some quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself on his possible film prospects. He says that there are 15 films on the table a few include new Terminator, Running Man and Predator movies. Out of the bunch a new Predator movie starring Schwarzenegger as an older Dutch could be fun. I would also assume one of those projects could be Expendables 2.

He also has a comic book film that he'll be announcing in the coming months. While people seem stumped about what comic book character he could be talking about. It's very possible it could be Sgt. Rock that Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver have been working on for decades. Arnold had been attached to the project since the 80's and it's still very possible he could have one more shot at the character. Guy Ritchie and Francis Lawrence have both been mentioned as potential directors. Of course it could be another project all together.

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