September 25, 2010

How Marvel Should Approach The SHIELD Film: PART I [Black Widow]

I'm going to break down how I believe Marvel could be successful in bringing together the SHIELD film. While the Avengers is made up of Marvel's mightiest heroes, SHIELD on the other hand is mostly highly skilled humans. I believe while they have many superhero films there are many different types of action films they could be emulating for their human characters. Similar to the Avengers the main four characters will be have their own solo films. Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye have their own films currently in development. Hopefully this could lead up to the SHIELD film and be more of a traditional team based espionage action film. My first installment will focus on the femme fatale Natasha Romanoff better known as Black Widow and what her solo film should look like.

MY THOUGHTS: I could see Natasha sent into the world of arms-dealing to see which people are supplying HYDRA with high end technology and weapons. This might lead Widow becoming a mole in A.I.M. which could be led by Baron von Strucker. Along the way she could be pursued by Yelena Belova who is notoriously determined to kill Natasha. I also believe the involvement of superpowers should really be limited here. Like the Iron Man series real world technology and weapons should be the threat. In this case armament of a new HYDRA organization which is looking to terrorize the world. I'm unsure how HYDRA is going to be referenced in Captain America but A.I.M. could be great way to slowly introduce the SHIELD nemesis.

MOVIE INFLUENCES: I'd like to see the studio to use the [Martin Campbell] Bond angle with the Black Widow film. I feel that a stright up spy film could end up defining the character along with showing off her espionage and fighting skills. If they choose to include her origin being raised as an assassin they could barrow elements from La Femme Nikita.

WHO SHOULD DIRECT?: Well my personal preference would be someone who hasn't made a big splash in the world of comic book or action films. My first thought while going over movie influences was of director Andrew Niccol. He has had a decent track record of sleek and interesting films. My favorite of his films being Lord of War and Gattaca. I feel he could bring a wonderful energy and vision to the character.

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