January 10, 2009

Wes Anderson's Jonny Quest (FTSBM)

This may be the first time I've suggested changing writers and director for a film in development. First off, Wes Anderson is one of the greatest American filmmakers working today. Second, I'm not impressed with what I've been hearing when it comes to the development of the project as it stands. All respect to the people involved but Wes Anderson is perfect to make a film like this. Now that he's moving into more family friendly projects such as The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Fans could expect him to start making more mainstream family pictures. I for one would love to see his version of Jonny Quest. Life Aquatic is the perfect example of how it can work plus it wouldn't have an insane sized budget. This would make the studio happy and it would be less of a gamble. Also my hope is that we could see the younger characters reworked to be older. This is so that we don't get the whole Spy Kids feel to the film. Many Anderson regulars could be cast in the main roles, including writing partner Owen Wilson. It wouldn't be a far stretch of the imagination to also have Brad Pitt involved. Pitt recently worked with Anderson on a phone commercial and seems to be open to different roles these days.

My Casting Picks

Bill Murray as Dr. Benton C. Quest

Owen Wilson as Jonny Quest

Brad Pitt as Race Bannon

Waris Ahluwalia as Hadji

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