January 9, 2009

Batman 3 (TBA)

While the third and final Batman film from Christopher Nolan is years away. That hasn't stopped the director by teasing fans that he plans to shoot the next movie in the IMAX format. While it's hard to shoot speaking scenes with the cameras because they are very loud when they are running. The dialog would have to be looped in post-production. The price tag of using IMAX is also very expensive. I'm sure this won't hinder Warner Bros. accommodating Nolan's wishes. Nolan also mentioned they have been throwing around ideas but nothing has come together enough to merit a film. It was interesting learning how they wrote the Dark Knight script to pre-edit itself. Everything that was in the script was shot and was important to the story.

My Casting Picks

During time spent on the comment boards on /Film. Someone suggested Michael Pitt as an addition to the Nolan-verse. While there are thoughts on recasting the Joker both negative and positive. I believe that if Heath couldn't return for reasons other than his death (contract/timing issues). The studio would have used his performance as a blueprint and recast. If the Dark Knight left the idea that Joker would return we should see that through. It also makes a lot of sense to look at actors like Michael Pitt for the next film.

-Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Marion Cotillard): She could either be a thief or another person inspired by Batman to become a vigilante in his absence. Later becomes a love interest to Bruce Wayne.

-Edward Nigma aka The Riddler (Daniel Day Lewis or Johnny Depp): I would love to see Nolan turn this character into a psychopath serial killer.

-Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin (Philip Semyore Hoffman): Cobblepot might be a owner of a competing corporation. He could also be an arms dealer on the side. Most likely will be just a side character the same way Scarecrow was.

-Dr. Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn (Cate Blanchett): While I don't see them using Quinn as a full on character because the Joker is not involved. Dr. Quinzel on the other hand could make an appearance.

-Bullock (Ray Winstone): We saw a lot of corrupt cops in the last couple of movies but we never saw Bullock. If we only see one dirty cop in the next film it should be this character.

-Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot (Guy Pearce): Another side villain that could be a hired hitman for the existing mob.

-Barbara Gordon (Bryce Dallas Howard): I have no doubt they want to keep Batgirl and Robin very distant from these movies. Although Jim Gordon's niece Barbara could show up if only just as cameo.

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