January 26, 2009

Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn (2010)

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

The first installment written by Steven Moffat (Coupling, Doctor Who, The Office & Jekyll) and Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz). It will be directed by Steven Spielberg with Peter Jackson producing. The film will revolve around the history of the ship named The Unicorn and the secret it holds. The secret itself could revolve around the location of the pirate Red Rackham's treasure.


Jamie Bell (King Kong) as Tintin.

Andy Serkis (LOTR) as Captain Haddock.

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as Thompson and Thomson.

Daniel Craig will play the villainous pirate Red Rackham.

Toby Jones (Frost/Nixon) most likely will play Professor Cuthbert Calculus.

Mackenzie Crook (Pirates 1-3) and Gad Elmaleh (Coco) are also officially cast but their roles are unknown.

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