December 5, 2008

Punisher War Zone 2 (TBA)

Ray Stevenson told MTV that he's signed on for sequels playing Frank Castle. While this all depends on the success of War Zone's box office and DVD sales, I'm sure they would ask director Lexi Alexander to return. The first film may have a lot of it's issues mainly a poor script and odd performances from other actors. If they refine the next film they could have a franchise on their hands. It's brutal and over-the-top violent action scenes could make this the new Blade. There is a market for these type of action films.

Stevenson also revealved ideas for the second film. Which includes a plot involving a white slavery ring bringing in prostitues from Europe. He's also dropped a name of a possible villain Barracuda. If they bring in the Russian Mob I could see them reworking the character General Zakharov into the story.

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