December 1, 2008

Caesar (TBA)

CHUD is reporting that 20th Century Fox might develop "Genesis:Apes". Which is a remake of "Conquest" the best film in the Apes series. This version will have nothing to do with Tim Burton's film. Although I enjoyed the "look" of Burton's film it was a total mess. In the original film Caesar is the first ape that opposes human control and leads the apes in mass rebellion. He's the first to speak because his parents traveled back to time after the second film. In this version Caesar will be a result of genetic science. So that they can skip having to explain how or why apes would travel back in time.

Update: According to Production Weekly Fox is rushing the project and has hired Lookout director Scott Frank. I think this a step up from Tim Burton who is mostly all style. Although this seems to be coming together a little too quickly.

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