December 3, 2008

2 Riddick Sequels (TBA)

With Vin Desiel making sequels to his earlier films like xXx and Fast & Furious it's only a matter of time before we see another Riddick movie. While I prefer Pitch Black to Chronicles of Riddick I do believe people could handle a smaller sequel. I think the problem with the second film was mostly trying to introduce an almost Shakespearean theme into a science fiction action movie. The two themes didn't agree so the film ended up feeling like two different movies blended together. The best parts of the film is when the story avoided the Necromonger. That's what we've seen with video games like Escape From Butcher Bay and now Assault On Dark Athena. The games have more of a hard nosed sci-fi action story. Like what we saw with the original film.

I wouldn't be surprised if they end up developing both games into two sequels. Having Escape From Butcher Bay as the first part and Assault On Dark Athena the final chapter. Two more sequels have been confirmed for production, and David Twohy is now writing the scripts. Diesel told MTV News that in spite of the poor reception, the time between the sequels is only about getting it right, not about trying to find support. Diesel also thinks they might end up shooting the films back to back. While they will most likely try to focus on Riddick as the new Necromonger King. I'd rather them aim for prequels like the stories the games are based on.

-Escape From Butcher Bay

-Assault On Dark Athena

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