November 21, 2014

SPECULATION: Idris Elba In The Running For Title Role In X-MEN APOCALYPSE?

Jeff from TheWrap recently broke casting news concerning Bryan Singer's X-Men Apocalypse. Revealing possible contenders for new Jean Grey and Scott Summers in the film. He went on the MeetTheMoviePress podcast to tease and upcoming story concerning Apocalypse casting. Mentioning three actors are in the running for the villainous role, pointing-out previously linked Tom Hardy is not one of the three. Hinting that one of them could be very familiar to us.

"We heard him say the word apocalypse a lot last year".

I have to assume Jeff is referring to Idris Elba's iconic line from the Pacific Rim trailer. We know that Elba has been reaching-out for future comic book roles. Being turned-down by Marvel for others roles in the MCU and possibly talking with Warner Bros. about a role in the DC cinematic universe. Idris had been teasing a desire to play Green Lantern which had fans foam from the mouth. We know he's disgruntled with Marvel and is begrudgingly returning (like a majority of that cast) for Thor: Ragnarok, which won't be shooting until 2016. Elba recently spoiled an appearance in an upcoming Marvel film, and seeming didn't give two-shits out the fallout with the studio. Let's just say he isn't happy with his Marvel contract restrictions and the soul-crushing work they're forcing him to do.

The Fox-Marvel relationship is probably the more heated of the bunch. We've actually seen Marvel starting to cancel the comic book properties that Fox has the rights to. They'll be cancelling Fantastic Four (oddly just before the release of the reboot) soon and have hinted to the end of the X-Men books as well (recently killing-off Wolverine). Whatever new characters they create for those comics become fair-game for Fox to use in the films. There is also been chatter that Marvel was furious with Fox for even considering making an R-rated version of Deadpool, which could have led to them trying to block it's development. Marvel has been avoiding R-rated material like the plague, likely due to keeping their brand family friendly.

I think the biggest fuck-you to Marvel from Elba before leaving the studio could be playing the title role in a competing comic book film. They themselves have little control over the X-Men films and this could be a way for Elba to branch-out even more than he already has. Since he's not really known for playing villains.


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