November 18, 2014

AJ Edwards In-Talks To Direct MACE WINDU Movie For Lucasfilm?

Director AJ Edwards (The Better Angels) addressed rumors he was involved with new Star Wars films on Reddit. He confirmed he was in-talks for a film that would focus on jedi knight Mace Windu. Keeping mum on the rest of the details, or if it was a sure thing. Edwards is known for working closely with director Terrence Malick, helping him on four films. Those include The New World, Tree of Life, To The Wonder and his next film Knight of Cups. Hearing him speak during interviews gives the impression he's not the joking type and is dead-serious.

Lucasfilm is moving forward with at least two other spin-offs with directors Gareth Edwards (Godzilla, Monsters) and Josh Trank (Chronicle, Fantastic Four). The spin-offs would be released between the main episodic installments. A Boba Fett film is possibly being written by Larry Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of The Lost Ark, The Force Awakens). There has also been chatter that Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi could be getting their own films too.

We saw Mace's arm hacked-off with a lightsaber and thrown out a window. However, Samuel L. Jackson has pointed out you never actually saw him die. Leaving the window open for him to return, and we have a good idea that Jackson would love to reprise the role. Since he actively campaigned Lucas to land a role in Phantom Menace. Windu along with Kenobi were the few highlights of the prequels, and I'm sure you won't hear much groaning if he got a spin-off.

It's extremely doubtful we'll see that Nick Fury movie Marvel was developing years back, the great thing about Star Wars age isn't a big factor for jedi. The future of Sam's role within the MCU might be coming to end soon once they head-out to the cosmic side for Infinity War. He also has an excellent relationship with Disney and Lucasfilm.

I can't help but think Windu would be a perfect character to lead that Seven Samurai inspired jedi film Zack Snyder pitched to Lucasfilm. Having it set years after the events of Episode III, with the remaining jedi hiding from the clutches of the Empire. Depending on when they want the film to be set it could actually directly connected to the characters from Rebels.


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