May 23, 2014

Wait A Minute, Does Marvel Studios Have The Film Rights To Namor?

Kevin Feige seemingly made it clear nine months ago that Universal was indeed the holder of the movie rights to Namor The Sub-Mariner. Yet, that answer seems to be dwindling as time goes-on. A more recent quote from Feige to IGN, makes things seemingly less clear. We've been noticing Marvel Studios has been teasing Namor for years and there actually might be a reason for this. Is Namor a similar situation to the shared rights of Kingpin, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

"No, Namor I think is a little complicated, the way some of them are."

A rumor from LatinoReview suggests that Legendary Pictures' unnamed event film for November 2016, could be a Namor movie. THR went even further than that, and believe that Marvel Studios has more of the rights than Universal currently has. It's very possible this could be another Incredible Hulk situation, as Universal might only have distribution rights. A similar deal was made with Paramount Pictures for majority of the Phase One movies. Disney would eventually buy-out that contract, and paid a hefty price-tag for it.

It's possible that Marvel is able to include Namor in their movies (like Hulk), but if they decided to make a feature film with him, they'd have to allow Universal to distribute. That's unless Disney is working on getting those rights back. This could mean we might see Namor become an important antagonist or hero in future movies.

Would you support a Namor movie if it was made by Marvel Studios?


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