May 6, 2014

STAR WARS UPDATES: Disney Confirms Three Spin-Offs And Sophie Turner Possibly Linked

Today, Disney's Bob Iger officially confirmed that Lucasfilm will be making "at least" three spin-off movies. We don't know exactly what they'll be, but Lawrence Kasdan (Episode VII, Empire Strikes Back, Return of The Jedi) has been linked for writing the Boba Fett movie. Other candidates include Jabba The Hutt, Yoda, Han Solo and a possible movie based on the new cartoon series Rebels.

Another tidbit was also mentioned by BadassDigest relaying the rumor that Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner is currently meeting with Bad Robot. Abrams' production company is working on the Star Wars films, so it's expected this could be connected to Episode VII. It's been revealed that casting hasn't completed, with actors such as Zac Efron and Lupita Nyong'o still in the mix.

Considering her red-locks it's hard not to think she'd make an excellent Mara Jade. Originally in the novels, she is the disciple of Darth Vader and marries Luke Skywalker. As Lucasfilm is scrapping legacy/expanded universe canon, it's possible they could insert her into the new trilogies. It wouldn't hurt to pair her up with Ben Skywalker, if they do indeed to focus on the children. That said, we really have no clue what characters will be used.

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