April 6, 2014

GOONIES 2 Being Fast-Tracked At WB With Richard Donner And Steven Spielberg Producing

TMZ got a quote from director Richard Donner about "real" plans to make Goonies 2. This has been the main quote Donner has been given for over a decade now. AICN is confirming the statement, and giving a bit more context to. Stating that Donner and Steven Spielberg are indeed producing a new Goonies film at Warner Bros. Adding that, neither will be directing and they are currently fast-tracking the project, with a search for a new writer and director.

The plot points are scarce, but it's said the film will indeed focus on the children of the original cast, with cameos from the original actors. This makes a lot more sense than a group of adults playing Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I just hope we get a different type of adventure, and it's not rehashing One-Eye Willy and the pirate ship of gold.

If I had to choose a new director it would have to be Garth Jennings. As he's proven a taste for the spectacle like Donner and Spielberg, with the ambitious Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Along with a the ability to shoot a film entirely with child leads in Son of Rambow, something that drove Donner crazy at the time of the Goonies shoot.

I'd also love to see Attack The Block's Joe Cornish in the mix, even though he recently was linked and then unlinked for the Star Trek 3 directing gig. Yet, it sounds like he might be trying to focus on his original material, or could be gearing up for something even bigger.


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