April 10, 2014

Drew Goddard Will Also Direct THE SINISTER SIX For Sony

THR is reporting that Drew Goddard is about to make a deal to direct Sony's Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six. He previously was tapped to write the script with the intention to direct. Goddard is mostly known for his screenwriting credits for Cloverfield, Lost, Alias and World War Z. A production start or release date haven't been announced for the spin-off. Sony is also moving forward with a Venom movie.

He also worked with Joss Whedon on his shows Buffy and Angel. That relationship led to working together on the horror comedy Cabin In The Woods, which they co-wrote and Drew directed. Goddard was recently announced as the showrunner and writer for Marvel Studios' Daredevil series which will air on Netflix. The Daredevil series is expected to begin production this summer in New York City. Drew was expected to direct the pilot.


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