March 21, 2014

DAREDEVIL Reboot Screenwriter Hired To Pen WOLVERINE 3

Wolverine 3 is coming together quickly, considering the last film was released last summer. Deadline reports that Fox has hired David James Kelly (Straw Man) to turn director James Mangold's outline into a screenplay. Kelly is a bit of unknown writer, but a while back Fox tasked him to write a draft for Joe Carnahan's gritty Daredevil reboot (before the rights reverted back to Marvel). It's possible they saw potential from the new writer and felt he might be a good fit for Wolverine. The third film is set for a March 3rd, 2017 release date giving everyone involved plenty of time to flush-out a new story before cameras roll, likely in 2016. Hugh Jackman has also officially signed-on, which isn't much of a surprise.


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