February 17, 2014

RUMOR: Irish Actor Jack Reynor Taking A Role In STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

AICN seems to have heard rumblings that an actor might have actually landed a role in Star Wars: Episode VII. We had heard from LatinoReview, that it was a sure thing that Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons would be taking an named role as well (that remains to be seen). The new name to the rumor-mill is Irish breakout Jack Reynor. He's best known for his indie thriller What Richard Did, but will be one of humans in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction this summer.

I actually like the last couple of names being attributed to the Episode VII casting, I'd love to see Plemons and Reynor take roles. I'm just curious why we stopped hearing actresses being named or linked for casting. My concern is that the rumored direction of a female protagonist for the new trilogy might be getting scrapped all-together.


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