August 12, 2013

RUMOR: Hugh Jackman Offered $100 Million To Play WOLVERINE Four More Times?

TheNationalEnquirer (via CBM) "reports" that Aussie actor Hugh Jackman is apparently looking to make a major deal with 20th Century Fox and X-Men producers. The deal would see Jackman earn $100 million for being apart of four more X-Men films. The titles of those features are unknown but it's possible they could include a sequel to The Wolverine which has already reached over $300 million worldwide despite slow domestic numbers. It's also possible he could factor in Jeff Wadlow's X-Force, since he's been a major member of the modern lineup. There could also be plans for more films from Bryan Singer or Matthew Vaughn down the line as well. Which may allow Logan to team-up with either the First Class or the post-X3 teams. Hugh has been quite open about returning to the character in more films. A statement taken to heart as he jumped right back into the character for Days of Future Past, months after finishing production on The Wolverine.

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