October 11, 2011

Matthew Vaughn Making Mark Millar's Superior Into Movie

CBM has a press release that confirms writer/director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men First Class) has obtained the film rights to Mark Millar's (Wanted, Kick-Ass) comic Superior. Millar had mentioned that he had been in talks with directors and studios but nothing was ever announced. Superior focuses on a young boy multiple sclerosis who is granted his wish to become his favorite superhero by aliens.

It's assumed that Vaughn would direct the film but unknown when it would start production. Matthew is likely getting pressure from 20th Century Fox to deliver a First Class sequel by summer 2013. I would expect that Jane Goldman will also be involved with the script process. Jon Hamm (The Town, Mad Men) has been rumored as the ideal actor for the role of the hero. There had been an online campaign to get Hamm cast as the new Superman in Man of Steel. Hamm opted out stating he was too old for the part. It would make sense to cast Jon in Superior since the hero is a Superman archetype and could be any age.

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