March 1, 2011

Universal Starts Casting 47 Ronin, Could The Wolverine Be In Trouble?

Variety reports that Universal has starting hiring the Japanese cast for Carl Rinsch's 47 Ronin. They include Tadanobu Asano (Thor), Hiroyuki Sanada (Sunshine, Last Samurai), Rinko Kikuchi (Brothers Bloom, Babel) and Kou Shibasaki (Battle Royale). Based on the legendary tale of the 47 ronin (masterless samurai) who give their lives to take revenge for their master's death. Keanu Reeves is set to play the lead in the film which will be shot in 3D and will be released on November 11th 2012.

I'll be interested to see if Darren Aronofsky will be able to gather enough Japanese talent to fill roles in The Wolverine. As Ronin seems to be already hiring some heavy weights and a few I had pegged to get roles in Wolverine. There are plenty of roles in this epic and could drain Japan dry of authentic actors. Darren and Fox might have done some serious damage to their possible candidate choices by waiting until the end of awards season to begin casting.

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