March 2, 2011

RUMOR: League of Shadows Returning For Dark Knight Rises?

There is an interesting and more believable rumor circling online today concerning possible plot points of The Dark Knight Rises. This time BadassDigest says that we will be seeing the return of League of Shadows, the mysterious vigilante group that trained Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. They go on to reveal that Talia al Ghul (Marion Cotillard?), Bane (Tom Hardy) and whoever Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing will be leading them.

The League was my favorite part of Begins and bringing them back could make for an excellent ending to the trilogy. This rumor seems a lot more plausible than the previous ones as it sounds in line with Nolan's more reality based plots and villains. Having the group exact revenge on Gotham and Wayne for their fallen leader/father (Ras' al Ghul) sounds fitting. Also talk of Nolan globetrotting/scouting locations in Europe, Asia and India could fit with the League of Shadows as they are an international group.

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