June 18, 2009

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

One of my favorite Oliver Stone films is getting a sequel. The most surprising thing is that Stone himself will be directing it. It's shocking because Stone isn't known for making sequels to his previous work. Titled "Money Never Sleeps", the interesting aspect is the return of the classic 80's character Gordon Gekko. Gekko embodied everything that defined decadence during the 1980's, along with the greed that fueled it. I'm glad to see both Stone and Douglas apart of the project. With the current economic climate and scandals circling Wall Street this makes it perfect timing for a sequel.

Michael Douglas will return as the iconic Gekko. Shia LaBeouf plays Jacob a young Wall Street trader engaged to Gekko's estranged daughter Winnie (Mulligan). I doubt Stone can replicate the same dynamic that Douglas and Sheen had in the first film.

Javier Bardem (Vicky Christina Barcelona) will play a hedge fund manager named Bretton Woods, that may or may not be the villain of the film. Newcomer Carey Mulligan plays Gekko's estranged daughter Winnie. Both actors bring a bit of class to the project but like previous Oliver Stone films a great cast, directing and editing can't change a bad script. I'm hoping this is a well written film and a return to greatness for Stone.

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