June 5, 2009

Tony Scott's The Warriors (2010-2011)

Tony Scott has been talking since 2005 about remaking the cult classic. Unlike the original film it will have a more realistic setting with the use of factual/active gangs. Not just groups of kids in different Halloween costumes. The plan is change the film's setting from New York City to the harsh ganglands of Los Angeles. A re-imagining rather than a remake it will focus on LA street gangs and most roles will be cast by real life gang members. This isn't a new concept to Tony, he used many real gang members instead of actors in Domino because they felt authentic.

I've read a lot of people are upset about the changes being made. My opinion is that the concept is good but Walter Hill's film had it's flaws. Making a direct copy of it would have turned out terrible. The whole point of a remake (usually) is to improve upon the original. Tony's gritty urban vision could make his movie superior to Walter Hill's.

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