October 15, 2014

Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy, WIll Smith & Margot Robbie Wanted For David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD?

Warner Bros. made a huge announcement today revealing their plans for the DC cinematic universe. Confirming that Suicide Squad will being released on August 6th, 2016 with David Ayer (Fury, End of Watch) directing. Having of a group of nasty criminals unwillingly taking the role of heroes.

THR is reporting that the studio is in early casting mode. Eyeing actors such as Ryan Gosling (Drive), Tom Hardy (Locke, Mad Max Fury Road, Inception), Will Smith and Margot Robbie (Tarzan, Ghost In The Shell, Wolf Of Wall Street). Gosling was once attached to star in WB's Logan's Run remake and wanted a small role in Wonder Woman when Nicholas Winding Refn was considering directing the film. Hardy might have played Bane, but since this is a new Batman universe his take on the villain never existed. I actually could see him playing Harkness in the film. Margot was in the mix to play Sue Storm in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot and could make for excellent addition to any franchise. Will Smith seems like the hardest-get here. However, after turning down iconic roles in films like Matrix and Django Unchained, a couple of box office bombs and being pushed-out of the I Am Legend sequel. Smith might be a bit more willing to consider a DC role.


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