August 28, 2014

WTF? Marvel Considering Removing Captain Marvel Cameo In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON?

Marvel's unwillingness to include a lead female superhero, is going even further than we originally thought. BadassDigest is hearing from a source, that Marvel Studios is getting "cold-feet" concerning the long-rumored Captain Marvel cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Reliable bloggers had confirmed her appearance in the final script, was only a brief cameo. Now it seems that the studio is re-thinking how they want to introduce audiences to the character. Believing a cold cameo (I expect a cameo similar to Hawkeye's in Thor) might not be in their best interest, or the best way to approach her.

I can understand the problem with a forced-cameo, fans want whatever we can get our hands-on. However, the problem could be that Marvel hasn't locked-down an actress for the role. Contracts are a tricky thing and the studio has become a little more secretive concerning their casting. We know that actresses such as Emily Blunt (Looper, Edge of Tomorrow) and Ruth Wilson (Luther, Lone Ranger) have been linked, but nothing says they're still in the mix. Devin from BAD confirms that the scene in question hasn't been shot. They have until May to decide what to do, but it's likely the entire cameo could be cut from the film.

Rumblings from inside Marvel, point to them developing a Captain Marvel feature film. Kevin Feige recently confirmed to IGN that active development on both Black Panther and Captain Marvel is currently underway at the studio. He also mentioned the reasoning behind this development, was massive fan interest in seeing these characters get their own films, a major understatement.

It's hard to understand why Marvel wouldn't want to include Danvers' origin, considering the new rumored mantra currently at Marvel is "no origins" for their solo films. Setting her up for own film via Age of Ultron, still seems like a smart move to gather awareness for the heroine. Although, zero awareness prior to the marketing blitz for Guardians of The Galaxy, didn't hurt it's box office numbers.


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