July 15, 2014

Lionsgate's POWER RANGERS Movie Lands THOR And X-MEN FIRST CLASS Writers

When it was first announced that a new Power Rangers movie was in the works, it sounded like a big joke. However, it sounds like Lionsgate isn't messing around and are hiring names known for delivering big noisy films. Roberto Orci will produce the film, and will work with writers to develop it's story. This on the heels of Orci exiting the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, and gearing-up to direct Star Trek 3 for Paramount. Lionsgate must want a franchise and not just a one-off to boost the ratings of the series and toy sales.

Orci seems like a decent choice since he's helped turn Transformers into a multi-billion dollar franchise. That piece of history cannot be ignored or left-out, in that arena he is successful. I'm not too sure he's the right voice for the project, but that's speaking as a fan of the original material growing-up.

The writers in question, are the screenwriting duo of Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz. The pair are known for writing credits on Marvel's Thor and Fox's X-Men First Class. They don't enstill too much hope for a great film, since most of their work get's rewritten. But, they ca

Power Rangers creator Haim Saban and Lionsgate's Allison Shearmur will also produce the film. Shearmur helped spearhead the direction of the studio's Hunger Games franchise, and is the most interesting name attached to the project. She could help push this into a more serious direction, than seen previously.

What kind of tone should we be expecting from this reboot? I have no clue, but if the studio puts-in the effort they did with Hunger Games, they could have a massive hit on their hands. Since the awareness for Power Rangers is huge worldwide, and with kaiju fever at it's modern peak (thanks to Godzilla and Pacific Rim). This is a perfect time to dust-off the zords. Not to mention the martial arts angle to likely get a shot-in-the-arm if Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is successful in August.


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