June 4, 2014

Scott Derrickson Will Direct Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE And Jared Leto Rumored

THR reports that Marvel has decided on Sinister's Scott Derrickson to direct Doctor Strange. Scott was linked with a group of candidates, but seemingly has been chosen to for the director's chair. The director confirmed this news via his Twitter account, with a photo of himself with the comic and stating his next film would be "Strange". A release date hasn't been announced, it's expected more information will be revealed during Comic-Con.

His other credits include The Day The Earth Stood Still and the upcoming thriller Deliver Us From Evil. I had a feeling Derrickson was a front-runner, from the get-go. He's also attached to direct a film based on the video game Deux Ex: Human Revolution, which he is also co-writing. We've been hearing for months that Marvel wanted Strange's director to make rewrites to the existing script.

While we've heard Johnny Depp, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jon Hamm mentioned for the lead role. BadassDigest adds another name into the mix, which is recent Oscar winner Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club). Not so odd, since a lot of people had been suggesting his co-star and fellow Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey for the role. The site is quick to

Jared has been apart of a bunch of solid movies including Requiem For A Dream, Fight Club, Panic Room (messy but still good), American Psycho and Lord of War. His break from acting has paid-off and could be ready for a franchise role. We already know that Marvel loves actors with Oscar backgrounds and recent winners/nominees are courted by the studio. I think he would be great in the role, we just have to remember Marvel contacts a lot of Oscar winners/contenders for roles.

It's been rumored that the Doctor Strange role would be a surrogate for Tony Stark for future phases. Leto could be the next Robert Downey Jr. and this could be a very good move on the part of Marvel. I also wouldn't be shocked if Jared was being considered for the Mordo role as well.


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