June 26, 2013

Marvel Sets Second 2016 Release Date For July 8th, Could This Mean We'll Be Seeing INHUMANS, BLACK PANTHER Or INCREDIBLE HULK 2 In 2016?

Marvel has announced a second unnamed film will be released in 2016. This one is set for July 8th and it's anyone's guess which of the many in development projects will be chosen for the slot. It was recently revealed that Doctor Strange could be Marvel's Iron Man for Phase Three. Given that comparison it's possible that Strange will end up being release in May 2016. I have to assume that either Black Panther or Inhumans will take the July release date. Since both projects have completed scripts and Kevin Feige has mentioned them as contending releases. Unless Marvel fast-tracks scripts for Captain America 3 or Thor 3. Currently, there hasn't been talk of scripts being in place for either of those possibilities. Another possibility is the rumored Incredible Hulk 2 (Planet Hulk?) film that LatinoReview has been talking about for months.

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