May 20, 2013

SPECULATION: Could Joe Cornish Direct A Federation/Klingon War In STAR TREK 3?

It's starting to look like J.J. Abrams really won't be coming back to make the third Star Trek. As there is talk via LatinoReview on Twitter that J.J. and Paramount are possibly looking at an up and coming writer/director to direct the third installment. The name they are likely referring to is British comedian turned writer/director Joe Cornish. Joe is best known for his breakout sci-fi comedy Attack The Block and he also co-wrote Marvel's Ant-Man with Edgar Wright.

Details of the third film aren't exactly known but the seeds of a massive war between the Federation and Klingon Empire were planted in this recent installment. I wouldn't be shocked to see The Enterprise given another galaxy saving mission soon but we might not see the crew again until 2016. No word if the writers have started on turning their outline into a full fledged shooting script. If Cornish is indeed the person who takes over the franchise he has the writing chops to put a script together on his own.

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