May 16, 2011

Milla Jovovich Gives An Update On Resident Evil 5

The early talk of Resident Evil 5 is that it would be a prequel focusing on the origins of both Alice and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) bringing back the setting to Raccoon City. Unlike previous films it sounds like Valentine would be the focus of the film. Milla Jovovich has posted some updates on her Twitter account. One of them being the possible title Resident Evil: Retribution which seems a little more on point than the working title of Resident Evil: Begins. She also says they'll be heading back to Tokyo to film scenes. While Milla doesn't confirm Paul is directing she does say he's working on the script. We'll see familiar characters and some new ones. Hopefully this means they'll finally be able to use Leon which has had a rather large group of fans rallying around Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, My Bloody Valentine) for the role.

While I hated both Resident Evil 2 and 3 I felt that Afterlife was a step in the right direction as it delivered more on the gimmick side of the franchise. I just expect now that it's made money the fifth time around they could pump in some money for better digital effects which have always been terrible. 

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