June 14, 2010

BAD IDEA: American Remake of Martyrs, Starring Kristen Stewart?

Fear.Net talked to Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey on his planned Martyrs remake. While being involved in one of the worst cliche horror franchises in history he sounds more intent on making it more accessible to teens. Rather than trying to make an entertaining scary film. Which by all accounts means the film will be nothing like the original. The most insulting part of the story is the insinuation they would water down the violence from the original. "[although] I think it's not remake-able in its form for an American audience". Godfrey mentions that he would "like" Kristen Stewart to star. I don't believe Stewart is a bad actress she's done some decent work in other films it's just the combination of her and this producer working together that makes me loathe the whole concept. They're hired Vacancy writer Mark L. Smith but I'm still not convinced this will be good.

Horror films, more importantly the new wave of European horror films are known for their intense gore. When America, who started the tradition of the modern horror film with Texas Chainsaw Massacre starts making kid friendly horror it's very sad. While films like Saw and Hostel are the other extreme they are well recevied in the horror world and even profitable (sometimes gaining cult status). I'm unsure how teen friendly horror films could even be good. I don't see there is a point of having a film that's PG-13 since you expect it's tone will be light and non-shocking. Defeating the purpose of horror which is to be scared out of your mind.

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