February 17, 2011

RUMOR: Wonder Woman Movie Abandoned for TV Show?

With the success of Marvel Comics films, DC Comics has been desperately making efforts to keep things competitive in Hollywood and cash in on America’s resurrected love of graphic novels. Justice League’s Wonder Woman has been a film that DC Comics have been working on developing of over the past three years. From Megan Fox, to Amber Heard and even Jessica Biel many names have been rumored and attached to the film, that has recently been abandon. But fear not, Friday Night Lights Adrianne Palicki is taking over…in a new TV series. A Wonder Woman television show is currently in pre-production and is expected to air its pilot on NBC soon. So for those of you who were hoping to see a Justice League movie or even a Wonder Woman movie any time soon, unfortunately with the development of this show, its very unlikely.


  1. Two cents: the good news is that Palecki is a good, solid actress as evidenced by her performanc­es on Friday Night Live. The bad news? Palecki doesn't look anything like an Amazon. She is a 5' 11" blonde with little to no muscles. This implies the show's direction is similar to that of Smallville­. Typical Hollywood logic, where only the most recent formula is taken as dogma. Would be a bit more excited had they casted someone like Cobie Smulders. At least she looks like she could kick your ass with a smile on her face.

    1. yeah but her ass belongs to marvel now

  2. I doubt they'll ditch the film... I think it's to build awareness to non-comic book fans or for people who didn't Linda Carter play her in the 70's.. I'm still shocked they're moving forward with The Flash before Wonder Woman

    I don't think the JLA movie could ever work until they rebooted Batman...I assume it's the plan if Nolan does walk away like he's talked about...JLA will happen but they need a new Batman who can share the same world as the new Superman film and Green Lantern... I mean they tried it once with Bale still active in the role and it crumbled ...

  3. I agree with you chris they definetly aren't gonna scrap the JLA movie or even a future Wonder Woman movie, I just thought that with the development of a new TV was kind of an inclination that things just aren't coming together as quickly as they want. I think the speed upon which we'll see the JL movie will all depend on the success of the show and Green Lantern. Plus, you made a good point, there's now way they'll be able to do a JLA movie with Christian Bale as Batman; I highly doubt he'd agree to it. So considering that point I think it will be also have to wait for the completion and release of the third batman film.

  4. But I must say besides batman I'm not really a DC fan anyway haha My brother and I argue all the time, I'm a HUGE Marvel guy and he's all about DC and the JLA. Ps I'm definitely excited to see X-men First class and Capt America.

  5. I've been following the development of the WW film and it's been killed mainly because of DC Entertainment.. they took it from producer Joel Silver who was also making Swamp Thing, Sgt. Rock and Lobo...

    DC Entertainment has been twiddling their thumbs with their characters and seem scared to put out more films... you'd think with the money machine of Warner Bros. behind them they at least try to compete with Marvel Studios taking big chances with new characters... I think Thor and Captain America are the hardest characters to bring to film and Marvel seems to have done it...

  6. So yeah... that didn't work out too well for DC.